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What are some really nice SMALL farm towns near Austin, Texas...?

What are some really nice SMALL farm towns near Austin, Texas...?
In May I am graduating and definitely want to move out of CA. I am originally from the Midwest and am craving that similar friendly atmosphere again and thing Texas will be great. I heard Austin has a great school for Wildlife Biology, and I am really considering it. I do NOT though want to live in the city, I am more of a small town, farming, land, kinda gal, ...any ideas of any cheap friendly farming towns pretty close to Austin? Thanks very much :)
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Check out Bastrop, they have a really nice downtown. Taylor, Smithville and Pflugerville are also nice (though Pville is more of a suburb than a farm town these days). Elgin sucks, imo.

Driving west on 290 you come across alot of small kind of country towns. I'm from the woods of East Texas, and Bastrop feels just like home to me, not sure I would call it a "farm town" though. I also think it's pretty cheap to live there. I would not recommend Pflugerville. It is basically Austin's pinky finger. Sure, you're technically in another town, but you're still so close to Austin that the city lights make it too bright to see any stars. And it DEF isn't a country town. All it is is suburbs. Skip it.

Buda! It's small, fun, and basically connected to Austin.

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